Welcome to Zarposh India. We specialize in fine antiques from India, Tibet, and Nepal. We hand pick our merchandise in its original country before shipping it to the United States. While many antique stores claim authenticity, only we carry truly original, handmade, and one of a kind items from the Indian Subcontinent and the East.

As a result of our work, we are proud to be considered a "mini-museum" in the Houston Museum District Area - because of the fine collection we carry.

We do custom work for temples, ashrams, spiritual centers, monasteries, and retreat centers, and we try to work in their budget restrains.

A note about the pictures found on this website: Many of the pictures of our merchandise have a natural background of grass, temples, and other statues. This is because our products are not factory made, but handmade - in India, Tibet, and Nepal. Consequently, most of the photographs taken for this website were taken during our many field expeditions to these countries in our neverending search to bring you the finest of what the Indian Subcontinent and the East has to offer.

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